About CeCe

When I was a child, I knew where I wanted my life to head. And, of course, there are hurdles put to distract, detour, and mislead one of their pursuits of happiness. Now 23, I’ve never imagined my life to take the turns that it has. 


Told from the voices of Laverne Cox and CeCe McDonald (exclusive interview shot in St. Cloud Correctional Facility) FREE CECE examines the culture of violence experienced by trans women of color.

The Film

November 2013, our production was launched with the exclusive filming of an in prison interview with CeCe McDonald by Laverne Cox, at the St. Cloud Correctional Facility.

January 2014 we returned to Minnesota to film CeCe's release from St. Cloud Correctional Facility.

February 2014 we filmed CeCe McDonald on her first GLAAD media tour in New York City.

March 2014 we had an overwhelmingly successful Indiegogo Campaign exceeding our goal by raising $57,308.00!! This will secure a good portion of our production budget for 2014. We are still writing and submitting grant proposals to meet our total budget of $465K.

Please consider funding the documentary with a tax deductible donation visit our IFP Fiscal Sponsorship page.

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Jacqueline Gares,


Production Notes

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FREE CeCe is a documentary currently in production, Laverne Cox and Jac Gares are the producers.