FREE CeCe! (2016)
TRT: 87 minutes

Jordana LeSesne is a musician, DJ, and producer also known as 1.8.7. She became one of the United States' first major Drum 'n' Bass producers, releasing a few popular albums for the New York-based Jungle Sky label in the late 1990s as well as a plethora of singles and remixes. The Pittsburgh, PA native rose to popular attention in the mid 90s as one of the first respected producers of the genre based in the USA. Jordana grew up with an older brother who spun disco, hip-hop, and electro and older sister who was a vocalist. Talent runs in the family as she was related to the late Tupac Shakur. First dabbling in music at an early age, Jordana went on to play several instruments in the high school orchestra as well as in local punk and metal bands. Her introduction to electronic dance music came in 1988 when she began listening to BBC broadcasts featuring reports on the rise acid house music. It wasn't until the early '90s that dance music crept into Pittsburgh, and Jordana began frequenting many of the city's first rave-like parties. It wasn't long before she began making dance music of herown distributing demo tapes in the early 90s rave scene.


In 2013 Laverne won Best Supporting Actress at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival for her work in the critically acclaimed film “Musical Chairs” directed by Susan Seidelman (Desperately Seeking Susan). Laverne’s other acting credits include independent films “Carla” and “The Exhibitionists.”Laverne produced and starred in VH1’s “TRANSForm Me” which was nominated for aGLAAD Media Award. She is the recipient of awards from the Anti-Violence Project andOpportunity Agenda. Most recently, Laverne accepted the The Stephen F. Kolzak Awardat the 2014 GLAAD Media Awards in LA.

Post-Production/Production Crew

​ERIK SATRE is an Editor and Post Production Supervisor/Producer with over 18 years of experience in Film and Television, Erik has contributed to major networks such as PBS, BBC America, Bravo, and MTV.  In 2012 Erik was awarded a GLAAD Media award for Outstanding Digital Journalism for his work on "Injustice At Every Turn", a look at the increased discrimination faced by Transgendered Americans.  In his extensive work with Public Television series "IN THE LIFE" he has proven to be an asset in documenting the underlying truths in the struggle for Human Rights. He has a strong sense of story and a natural sensitivity to the human spirit.  Erik's work has generated conversations, and influenced change.


TONY MORALES is a NYC based DP with almost 20 years experience in Film and Video.
Graduating  Cornell University with a Bachelor's of Arts from the Film Department, Tony Morales has travelled the world and visited 5 continents shooting various documentary and narrative projects.
Credits include 35mm and 16mm feature films, Reality television shows, and documentaries.

JOE POLLOCK, owner of Joe Pollock Films, is a Minneapolis based cinematographer and editor who specializes in documentary-style short films including weddings, company promos, calls to action, music videos and other storytelling platforms. Since starting JPF in 2011, Mr. Pollock has worked with a variety of couples, artists and organizations including HealthPartners, the YMCA and the University of Minnesota. While most of his work takes place in the twin cities, his work has brought him to New Orleans, Sonoma, Paris, London, Brussels and Amsterdam. Portfolio and contact information can be found at

​JACQUELINE (Jac)  GARES  is a New York-based filmmaker FREE CeCe! is her directorial debut documentary feature film.
For five years, Jac served as producer and supervising producer of IN THE LIFE on public television, her work garnered awards from NLGJA, GLAAD, and Webbys. She produced specials and documentaries for the History Channel, Food Network, USA Networks and PBS's premiere non-fiction film showcase, P.O.V./The American Documentary.

The first documentary she produced, about genetic testing and Alzheimer’s Disease, UNRAVELED, won a Freddie Award in 2008; her short film REMNANT won a TELLY Award in 1999. Gares has a BA in English Literature from Rutgers University and an MA in Media Studies from The New School. Jacqueline has been named Go Magazine's 100 Women We Love, was featured in Cahiers du Cinema, and is a proud 2014 Jerome Foundation Emerging Film/Video Artist Grantee. 

LAVERNE COX plays Sophia Burset, an incarcerated African American, transgender woman, in the Netflix original series “Orange is The New Black”.Laverne is a renowned speaker whose insights have been featured on CNN, MSNBC, HLN, VH1, Fox News Latino and more. Laverne is the first trans woman of color to have a leading role on a mainstream scripted television show. Her work as an actress and advocate recently landed her on the cover of Time Magazine as well as a Critic’s Choice nomination for “Best Supporting Actress.”